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Yoshua Bengio in the media
Some talks given by Yoshua Bengio

9 May 2017 – How Montreal became the world’s leading AI and deep learning hub – IBM thinkLeaders

25 Avril 2017: Montréal, lieu de convergence en intelligence artificielle – Agence Science-Presse (Fr)

21 April 2017: IBM to open an AI lab in Montreal to better collaborate with MILA – UdeM

13 April 2017: The University of Montréal and artificial intelligence helping the blind – UdeM

4 April 2017: Montreal’s fledgling AI community foresees billion dollar industry on horizon – CBC

27 March 2017: Une technologie au potentiel immense – La Presse + (Fr)

26 March 2017: It’s time for Canada to invest in developing artificial intelligence – Globe and Mail

24 March 2017: Montréal recevra 40 des 125 millions promis par Ottawa – La Presse + (Fr)

2 March 2017: IBM Q&A with Yoshua Bengio – IBM Advantage reports

26 February 2017: L’intelligence artificielle: la grande révolution scientifique – Découverte, Radio-Canada (Fr)
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8 February 2017: Le cerveau de l’intelligence artificielle pourrait naître à Montréal – Radio-Canada International, interview on Youtube (Fr)

7 February 2017: Revolution AI: Why everyone wants in to Montreal’s deep-learning hub – Financial Post

3 February 2017: Element AI’s Yoshua Bengio Says Canada is at the Forefront of the AI Revolution – Betakit

2 February 2017: Yoshua Bengio en entrevue à The Disruptors – Business News Network
Montréal: star de l’intelligence artificielle – La Presse (Fr)

31 January 2017: Musk and Hawking endorse ethical guidelines to shape the future of AI – Access AI

29 January 2017
Yoshua Bengio is invited to Tout le Monde en Parle – Radio-Canada, see also Youtube (Fr)
L’étoile du match à Yoshua Bengio – Le Soleil (Fr)

18 January 2017, Microsoft announces 7 M$ donation to MILA:
Microsoft Expands Artificial Intelligence Footprint in Montreal – Fortune
Microsoft plans to double size of Maluuba’s Montreal office by 2019 – Montreal Gazette
Intelligence artificielle : Après Google, Microsoft s’installe aussi à Montréal – Journal de Montréal, also La Presse and Huffington Post (Fr)
Intelligence artificielle : Microsoft renforce sa présence à Montréal – Radio-Canada (Fr)
Microsoft advances AI ambitions with investments in Montreal – Blogue de Microsoft

18 Janvier 2017: Microsoft Thinks Machines Can Learn to Converse by Making Chat a Game – WIRED

13 January 2017: Microsoft buys Maluuba with Yoshua Bengio as scientific adviser:
Maluuba + Microsoft: Towards Artificial General Intelligence – Maluuba blog
Microsoft acquires deep learning startup Maluuba; AI pioneer Yoshua Bengio to have advisory role – Microsoft blog

9 January 2017: La révolution des neurones artificiels – Le Monde (Fr)

4 January 2017: 5 Big Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2017 – MIT Technology review

31 December 2016: Vos vies changeront grâce aux robots – Journal de Montréal (Fr)

20 December 2016: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: Main Developments in 2016 and Key Trends in 2017 – KDnuggets

12 December 2016:
Microsoft Plans to Back More AI Startups Through Venture Funding – Fortune
Microsoft Ventures launches new fund for AI startups and backs Element AI incubator – Techcrunch
Microsoft investment in Element AI bolsters Montreal’s status as AI hub – Globe and Mail
Microsoft Starts New Venture Fund With Investment in Bengio’s Element AI – Bloomberg
How two small Canadian companies compete for AI talent – CBC
Au tour de Microsoft de miser sur Montréal – La Presse+ (Fr)

8 Décembre 2016: Book Review: Deep Learning by Goodfellow, Bengio, and Courville – Inside Big Data (Anglais)

5 December 2016: Is AI more evil than nuclear weapons? – VentureBeat

30 November 2016: Yoshua Bengio says rise of AI can lead to inequalities if wealth not redistributed fairly – Betakit

November 28, 2016: Yoshua Bengio and Hugo Larochelle personalities of the week – La Presse+ (Fr)

Stories related to Google’s announcement of support to MILA and deep learning in Montréal, 21 November 2016:
Montreal is shaping up to be Canada’s cloud AI battleground – IT World Canada
Google Opens Montreal AI Lab to Snag Scarce Global Talent – WIRED
Google forms Montreal AI research group, gives $3.37 million grant to Yoshua Bengio, others – Venture Beat
Tech giants rush to invest in Montreal artificial intelligence research lab – CBC
Google Expands AI Research In Montreal – I Programmer
Google supports AI lab in Montreal – Electronic Products and Technology
Intelligence artificielle: Google mise 4,5 millions sur Montréal – La Presse (Fr)
Yoshua Bengio interviewed on Radio-Canada (Fr)
Q&A at La Presse+ (Fr)

18 Novembre 2016 : Intel announces strategy to accelerate growth of AI – Techseen

November 16, 2016: UdeM selected as only Canadian university to take part in international AI competition – Global News

October 26, 2016: Element AI : mettre l’intelligence artificielle au service des entreprises – Radio-Canada (Fr)

October 25, 2016: AI Pioneer Yoshua Bengio Is Launching Element AI, a Deep-Learning Incubator – WIRED

September 6, 2016: Montreal universities land historic $213M investment for computer and brain research – Montreal Gazette

June 1st 2016: Des leaders nés, ailleurs – CPA Magazine (Fr)

January 21, 2015: Debate about the dangers and fear of AI at Radio-Canada (Fr)

June 20, 2011: Progress and dangers: Artificial Intelligence (Fr)

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